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Restaver (testosterone undecanoate)

Restaver (testosterone undecanoate)


Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate
Pack: 100 capsules (40mg/capsule)


Active Substance: testosterone undecanoate

Restaver – a modern steroid representing testosterone in oral form (capsules). Its active ingredient is a steroid testosterone undecanoate. This ester of testosterone, which is used as a sports practice and in medicine. In sports, in particular in body-building, it can be used to increase power performance, increasing muscle mass and improve muscle. In medicine, it is usually prescribed for the treatment of various diseases in men and women.

Production Restaver 40mg engaged in a well-known in sporting circles company Vermodje from Moldova. Products from this manufacturer has a long and well known to domestic athletes, after all, he began his work at the beginning of the two thousandth.


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