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We are a dedicated, focused and professional team, we are present on the anabolic market since 2009, starting with 2012 we are present online and we have succeed to establish lasting relationships, mutually beneficial with thousands of clients around the world.

Our purpose is to create a safe and easy market and to assure that our products are accessible for everyone.

Having in mind that products originating from manufacturers within Republic of Moldova are greatly appreciated on the European Union market and have started to gain popularity within USA, we have decided to create in order to offer Americans the possibility to assess the quality of European products.

The project is a relatively new one, but with large ambitions. Euroids has started with the slogan “safe and easy” which means safety and simplicity in everything we do: our website, communication with our customers, our methods of delivery, trainings, negotiations, etc.

Our aim is to go beyond the image of a dealer, we want to be your trusty partner always careful at your needs.
You are all invited to try our products, most certainly you will appreciate our quality and efficiency.

P.S. We would have enjoyed to attach a picture of our brave team, but due to obvious reasons we won’t do it. However, here is an image with some products 🙂

Euroids Anabolic Products


Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2006.

The mission of the company is to help people live longer, be healthier and happier. In order to achieve these objectives, the company uses the latest results of researches in pharmaceutical area, produces and provides high quality medicines for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has set as its main objective, to produce only quality medicines, which also would have an acceptable price, based on the purchasing power of the ordinary citizen. And by important donations, offered to medical institutions the company represents a model of corporate social responsibility, alternatively contributing to the achievement of the task.


Balkan Pharmaceuticals Products Euroids

Chisinau Endocrine Pharmaceutical Factory Euro Prime Farmaceuticals SRL was founded in 2014. It is a high-tech production, designed, constructed and equipped in accordance with the national GMP standard. We produce modern, effective and quality medicines, the priority of the enterprise “EPF” is the production of generic hormonal. One of the main priorities of the company is constantly working on their development. Mainly, “EPF” engaged in the development of drugs, but also conducts research aimed at the development of new original drugs.

The “clean rooms” Company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals SRL industrial zone, the necessary microclimate is created by the air conditioning system. industrial air conditioners automation system maintains the right for an air temperature and humidity all year round. Passing three-step filtration, served in “clean rooms”, cleansed of microorganisms and aerosol particles. Purified water and compressed air necessary for technological purposes, enter the production area through the distribution system. The company has developed, implemented and functioning quality assurance system in order to guarantee implementation of the requirements of the current regulatory documentation. The quality assurance system allows to comply with three basic principles of GMP: documentation, identification, traceability. in 2016 the company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals SRL won the first annual Notorium competition category Pharmaceuticals.

Official website:

Euro Prime Farmaceuticals Products Euroids

Radjay HealthCare & Pharmaceutical is a relatively newborn company in the pharmaceutical market. Founded in 2011 the company has been providing high quality, affordable medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients not only in the domestic market but also worldwide.

Radjay HealthCare & Pharmaceutical has its own manufacturing facility where 200 high qualified and experienced manufacturing chemists and scientists are employed. Moreover, Radjay permanently collaborates with other global pharmaceutical companies and research institutes in order to exchange experience and closely follow the latest achievements and research direction in the field all over the world.

Radjay’s manufacturing facility is equipped by the state-of-the-art laboratory and outstanding generic pipeline. Radjay HealthCare & Pharmaceutical has production capabilities for a wide variety of product types including capsules, tablets, injectables, liquids, semi-solids and special active pharmaceutical ingredients. Biotechnologies is a new segment that the company has begun investing in and is going to extract everything possible from this attractive direction.

Official website:

Radjay Products Euroids

SP Laboratories is a grade Pharmacy with a consolidate value and quality of the product. We are health oriented on worldwide medicine and the best results in patients. Our manufacturing process is based on golden rules that are designed to obtain performance in quality, services, hygiene and final patient consumption. We are very firm convinced that providing highly professional services we give customers the trust and the certainty that SP Laboratories ensures a healthy way of life for patients.

Health Our medicines are produced under high production standards and meet all the international rules in medical and sanitary patient protection.

Products SP Laboratories has a wide range of medicines, specially produced for general health. We have a high developed technology in order to offer you the most premium medical products.

Our Team We have the most qualified specialist that prepare unique medicines under special formulas. We guarantee a high level of production and assembling using the latest laboratory technology.

Official website:

SP Laboratories Products Euroids

The pharmaceutical manufacturing Company SC “VERMODJE” SRL is located in the clean suburban area, 10 kilometers from the capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau. The total number of employees: 40 persons. The company was established in 2001 and successfully produces and sells various kinds of pharmaceutical products, for veterinarian and human use.

Manufacturing In 2013, a new laboratory was built according to all requirements and standards of GMP. Now, pharmaceutical factory has 4 sterile manufacturing lines including production of ampules, vials, pills and capsules. The industrial complex is a two-floors building with total area of 835.3 m2 and an additional surface of property with total area of 0.258 hectares. The entire surface is the property of the Company. The building is equipped with the cleaning system and air conditioning.

Equipment Equipment used in the production is from the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Carvalho, Zanasi, Uhlmann, Appatebau, Kenwood. Capacity of the installed equipment allows up to 60,000 tablets per hour.

Official website:

Vermodje Products Euroids

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