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What Doctors and Scientists Are Saying About Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Posted by Admin on October 27, 2016  /   no comment

 In America, in the year 2015, youthfulness is a national obsession. In the public mind, the advantages of young adulthood (beauty, strength, stamina, sexuality, and good health) greatly outweigh the supposed advantages of age (experience, wisdom, a record of accomplishment, a lifetime of friendships, standing in the community, accumulated wealth and increased earning power). The […]

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Factors Affecting Muscle Mass

Posted by Admin on October 18, 2016  /   no comment

The factors underlying variations in protein synthesis and catabolism, which regulate muscle mass, are complex and still being worked out. However, we have enough information now to allow us to manipulate both processes and increase muscle accretion. While difficult to understand, and even tedious at times, the principles behind the regulation of protein metabolism are […]

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How to cure shoulder problems

Posted by Admin on October 07, 2016  /   no comment

With a large towel or broomstick I want you to hold it with straight arms for the entire time of what i describe in the following movement–a large “rolled up like a rope” beach towel works good but honestly a longer broomstick (without the bristles) works best in my opinion. Start out with it with […]

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