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The Key to Anabolic Growth

Posted by Admin on April 16, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Many novice bodybuilders view building muscle as some mysterous adventure that can be achieved only by following the advice of pro bodybuilders. They think there is a dirty little secret that, once discovered, will lead them to the Holy Grail of freaky muscularity and maximum muscle size; that there is one best training routine or diet that will stimulate their anabolic growth potential and turn their average-looking bodies into pillars of muscle and power. I hate to break it to you if you fall victim to such beliefs, but there is no magic pill to pack pounds of striated muscle mass on your frame, and no secret potion to push you into the heavyweight class. Trust me, if there was, everybody would already be using it and gyms would be filled with 250-pounders repping with 500 pounds on the bench press. The real key to gaining maximum muscle size is to create what’s called an anabolic environment in your body. Without the internal environment necessary to stimulate growth, it doesn’t matter what crazy training routine you follow, the music you listen to or the time of day you train.

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